Boehner thinks the White House has been holding out on Congress. Under subpoena last week, the White House disclosed 41 documents it had withheld from congressional investigators. At least one of these, an email from Ben Rhodes of the NSC, directly contradicts what congressional investigators were told.

-John McLaughlin


Speaker of the House John Boehner named Republican Representative Trey Gowdy to chair a House Select Committee on Benghazi. On September 11, 2012, four Americans – Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, on contract to the CIA – were slain in a coordinated assault on the U.S. Consulate and a CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Stevens is one of only seven U.S. Ambassadors to die in the line of duty in the nation’s 240-year history. To get an idea of how Rep. Gowdy will approach the subject, here he is to the media, last October, quote, I’m not telling you how to do your job. But I’m going to ask you some questions and if you can’t answer these questions then I will leave you to draw whatever conclusions you want to draw about whether or not the media has provided sufficient oversight. Can you tell me why Chris Stevens was in Benghazi the night that he was killed? Do you know?...Do you know why requests for additional security were denied? Do you know why an ambassador asking for more security days and weeks before he was murdered and those requests went unheeded do you know the answer to why those requests went unheeded? Do you know why no assets were deployed during the siege...Do you know whether the president called any of our allies and said can you help? We have men under attack? Can you answer that? Do any of you know why susan rice was picked? The Secretary of State did not go. She said she doesn’t like Sunday talk shows. That’s the only media venue she does not like if that’s true. Why was susan rice on the five Sunday talk shows? Do you know the origin of this mythology that it was spawned as a spontaneous reaction to a video? Do you know where that started? Do you know how we got from no evidence of that to that being the official position of the administration? In conclusion, Congress is supposed to provide oversight. The voters are supposed to provide oversight. And you are supposed to provide oversight. That’s why you have special liberties and that’s why you have special protections. I’m not surprised that the president of the united states called this a phony scandal. I’m not surprised that Secretary Clinton asked what difference does it make. I’m not even surprised that Jay Carney said that Benghazi happened a long time ago. I’m just surprised at how many people bought it. Unquote.

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