Issues 07/25/14

What about the role of m-o-n-e-y by business ties, Russian energy exports, investment by Russian tycoons and oligarchs? Doesn't that smooth over a lot of feelings? It's a restraint on the EU. ...

-John McLaughlin


Germany is not interested in a serious rift with the U.S. And, in fact, there's this group that's called the Five Eyes. It's United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. And they agree not to spy on each other. But in exchange for that, they have extraordinary access to each others' intelligence. And the Germans were ...

-Eleanor Clift


Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Sisi, the leader of Egypt, is very, very strongly on the Israeli side of this thing and against Hamas, because he believes that they're the equivalent of the Muslim Brotherhood. And they are. And it's not only that. Saudi Arabia and all of the allies of the Arab world there are very strongly in favor of Isr...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


What Hamas wants is a lifting of what they call the siege. They want an end to the blockade. They want to open the crossing into Egypt through Rafah. They would like to have also their airport opened. They would like to be able to fish further out into the Mediterranean. And they do want some kind of award for the losses they've ha...

-Pat Buchanan


Tragically, he's right. Israel starts from the position of being our ally and a friendly democracy in the Middle East. But it is being slowly poisoned from within by this fight because of some of the hardline positions they're taking, particularly sort of making no real distinction morally between Hamas and the more moderate forces...

-David Rennie


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