Issues 08/22/14

When will it be passed? Within one decade. ...

-John McLaughlin


There's a profound sense of unease about putting another human being willingly and willfully to death. And that shows up in the way we handle all of these sort of cases of botched executions. And it reflects sort of the culture and the values of the political establishment in the various states. And so I think it's going to continu...

-Eleanor Clift


I actually think it's quite dangerous because it renders too many people in a position to create accidents that really are not responsible in the sense that they're driving the car. And that seems to me to give you a level of recklessness that I would be uncomfortable with. So the one thing I would do is if you're going to have tha...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


The ones that outlaw the death penalty are western countries, which no longer believe, frankly, in fighting and dying and killing. They've had two horrendous wars. So they've outlawed all that. But the rising countries - you take these Islamic countries, all of them. They believe in these types of finality for their enemies. And we...

-Pat Buchanan


In 14 of the key races, the Democrats are far outraising the Republicans. And that's going to give them a real advantage here. And I think Republicans could do something that happens between now and November that makes it harder for them. Certainly it wouldn't be unprecedented for that to happen. And if the Democrats lose and Repu...

-Susan Ferrechio


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