Issues 04/11/14

What about BRIC? I'm talking about the larger meaning of BRIC. What is BRIC? The nations of the future. You've got Brazil. You've got Russia, you've got India, and you've got China. It's a pretty good summary of where the action is going to be, right? ...

-John McLaughlin


The 77 cents is based on the Census figures. The Washington Post had a handy little map where you could click on every state and find out what the gap was in that particular state. Wyoming was the worst for women with 64 cents; Louisiana second, 67 percent. In the Beltway around Washington, women did the best. It was, like, 90 to 9...

-Eleanor Clift


They are apocalyptic in the language that they use that, frankly, undermines their credibility. I'd be much more worried about what's happening in the oceans and the fish, which is a huge source of food for large parts of the world. There, that supply is being affected. That's something we can do something about. This is a much mo...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


It is highly probable that -- he's the head of the BJP – [Modi] will win the election, even though it was discovered on Friday that he had been married for three years way back when he was a teenager, and that's a party that believes in chastity. But I do think he will win for this reason. The Congress Party, like the African Nat...

-Pat Buchanan


It's high time that conservatives realize what a strange position -- this kind of lock-them-all-up policy was putting amazing faith in government to run things well. Why should government run prisons well when conservatives are very skeptical of government's ability to run things well? These appalling laws, telling judges they ha...

-David Rennie


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