Issues 06/27/15

Republicans benefit most. The decision deprives the Democrats of a powerful issue to energize their base. But the Republicans can keep rallying their base with promises of a legislative repeal of Obamacare....

-John McLaughlin


Well, I feel proud of my country. I feel proud of my court. I mean, we have moved from looking at an issue as though caricaturizing it as a perversion, to saying that LGBT people are -- have a human right and a civil right to marry whoever they want and love whoever they want. so, this is a sweeping decision, all 50 states. And thi...

-Eleanor Clift


I thought it was long past time to move the Confederate flag into a museum, where it belongs. But what’s interesting to me is how quickly public opinion seems to have shifted in favor of retiring the flag here in recent days, especially since this terrible tragedy there in Charleston. It reminds me of the Church bombing in Birmi...

-Clarence Page


Well, he’d better, as a starter, arrange for some very good trade arrangements with various countries and bring them to the country, to this country, and be able to show that these are actually positive steps for our own economy and for employment, because employment is the big issue now, because we have so many unemployed people...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


he was looking at that specific statutory interpretation versus the statutory effect, right? If he had ruled the other way, it would have created a death spiral. It would have impinged upon the clear intent of Congress, even if the law in terms of its statutory findings, or statutory language was not clear. So, I mean, and it’s g...

-Tom Rogan


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