Issues 05/23/15

MCLAUGHLIN: Are you going to be looking at yourself closely? CLIFT: No, I’m not worried about it. BUCHANAN: John, this is a -- MCLAUGHLIN: Are you going to feel around underneath [the seat in front of you]? MCLAUGHLIN: And you’re holding up the line? CLIFT: No, I’m just going to try to keep the guy in front of...

-John McLaughlin


What’s costing money, what’s costing money is from places in the middle of the country that are not well-traveled, that are represented by Republicans who want to keep those routes going. And I think that’s fine. I don’t think there are any public transportation systems around the world that aren’t subsidized in some way ...

-Eleanor Clift


Look, we have very important allies in that part of the world and they have been our allies for a long time. They’re not perfect, taken, but Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and Jordan, for example, and Egypt. They are all up in arms over all of this because they realize that without American support, that whole region might go to t...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


John, let me say that, look, suicide is the 10th leading cost of death in the United States, but it’s second for those 18 to 24. And while actually women attempt suicide, as I understand it, more often, men commit four out of five suicides. And the major reason you get and it could have to do with the military, is the depression ...

-Pat Buchanan


You know, we’re not talking about a re-invasion. The president pretends that’s the case. But we look at the map at the moment. Where does ISIS control now? They control Ramadi, they control Palmyra, which links out to Deir Ezzor, and then down to al-Qaim, which is on the border with Iraq, and then along to Ramadi, to Baghdad. I...

-Tom Rogan


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