Issues 11/21/15

Only 73 hours after the Paris attack, political leaders all over the country challenged Obama’s refugee plan. Is it a positive sign or a negative sign?...

-John McLaughlin


Well, it’s a problem in the Democratic primaries, because progressives are worried about income inequality and they think if she’s a creature of Wall Street, she’s not going to deliver for them. I don’t think it will be a problem in November, and she needs the money from Wall Street. I think the only mistake she made there ...

-Eleanor Clift


I would say would be that Europe is suffering through economic travails right now, some countries being hit harder than others, and that makes a big difference in so far as how well they work together and how they secure they feel about their future. I think Cameron is trying to hit a middle ground here really. He’s got people on...

-Clarence Page


Those monarchies have done nothing. Let me tell you something, you’ve got the army of Syria and you got Assad in the south. The Turks have got an army of 500,000 in the north. They could be in Raqqa in two weeks if we all pulled together. What they’re going to have to tell them is, we are not taking Assad down. We’re sorry, t...

-Pat Buchanan


You have the tribes in Anbar. The Dulaim tribe in Anbar, which joined with the Marines, very strong. ISIS has co-opted them, because we haven’t supported them, and they’ve had Iran on the other side. In Deir ez-Zor, there’s another tribe there that’s been slaughtered. I watched a video earlier today before coming on, they...

-Tom Rogan


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