Issues 08/01/15

Cats are intriguing. You don’t know what they’re thinking. They come over and they kind of rub your leg and they look at you....

-John McLaughlin


... controversy always comes with the Clintons, both of them. But they’ve got enormous support in the country. She’s the most commanding, non-incumbent that we have seen in a presidential race for sometime. And let’s remember that Bill Clinton was elected and reelected two times, with trust numbers that weren’t that great. ...

-Eleanor Clift


Well, I think in May of that year, that might have been relevant. I don’t think it’s relevant to what’s going on with Hillary. I don’t think there was anything like some kind of serious attempt to avoid the secret -- or the security dimensions of what she had on her equipment. It just seems to me, frankly, I can’t get exc...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


Cruz has elevated himself and he has damaged himself with anybody in the Senate that still likes him. But this is about the presidential election. Cruz has got out front on this issue, calling the majority leader a liar, he goes out and says Barack Obama is a, I guess, the biggest terrorist, you know, an Islamic -- supporter of Isl...

-Pat Buchanan


I’m going off Cecil the Lion. I think the big story coming out of this is that actually American popular society, we should be embarrassed that we’ve been so attentive to this, and not to so many other issues like the Syrian Refugee Crisis, international politics, anything really. ...

-Tom Rogan


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