Issues 10/24/14

I think we need a third party...a pox on both houses....

-John McLaughlin


It's voters taking matters into their own hands. But there are also powerful special interests behind a lot of these movements. And you talked about those two gun laws. The one gun law where people want background checks on all guns strikes me as pretty grassroots. The other one that came in is funded by the NRA to counter the earl...

-Eleanor Clift


The U.S. ranks in terms of high-quality medical care and research that goes into that kind of high-quality medical care. I think we are unparalleled in that one small area. But the access in the British system or in the Canadian system, where I grew up, is totally different and totally superior....

-Mortimer Zuckerman


Real wages in middle America have basically been totally stagnant since 1974. Where's the political unity to come together to deal with the entitlements, which I agree has to be done? Look at what we've got right now. You've got a wholly complete deadlock. Neither party is going to deal with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid…T...

-Pat Buchanan


I think the voters should have a constitutional amendment if that's what you want to do. I would support that. I think take ownership of Congress. Get more involved in the primary process. Get people out. See how many people, just incumbents, get reelected. If they do a bad job, engage. Don't whine about it. Take ownership. ...

-Tom Rogan


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