Issues 05/21/16

We at THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP send our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of CBS News legend Morley Safer, for the landmark reputation for exceptional investigative journalism and keen objective reporting....

-John McLaughlin


It’s going to affect over 12 million people. It turns out that businesses have been classifying people as managers when they don’t manage anybody and when you have managers earning less than the people at work for them, something has gone awry. So, they’re blowing the whistle on this practice. There’s going to be pushback f...

-Eleanor Clift


It was an uphill climb for Obama eight years ago because of these rules. Hillary had all those super delegates initially and he had to earn his, the gains that he made and the nomination. Bernie faced the same challenge. I think you’re right, Pat, I think he’s not going to get the nomination, obviously, and he wants the leverag...

-Clarence Page


He would not even be considered for this as secretary of HUD and a mayor of San Antonio, were he not Hispanic. As we were talking in the green room, what was it? Barack Obama, there was,the Hispanics are 16 percent of the population, but there are only 7 percent of the vote. So, you can energize that Hispanic base and maybe he can ...

-Pat Buchanan


We need someone to buy these properties. And if not Wall -- the worry with these restrictions is that Wall Street or any other business won’t by them and then the government payroll controls it, right. So then you have that decline and despair, the entrenchment of poverty....

-Tom Rogan


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