Issues 06/18/16

On a self-inflicted political scale, zero to ten, zero meaning no damage whatsoever, ten meaning political suicide, how much damage is Ryan doing to himself? The answer is nine!...

-John McLaughlin


I think Hillary Clinton has introduced a variety of things that we need to do. They are sort of extensions of what President Obama is already doing. And you have to do something about guns and the ready availability of guns. You have to address mental health....

-Eleanor Clift


You can’t run with Trump, you can’t run without him, if you’re a Republican right now. And the thing is that he is becoming well, the problem is he’s still running a primary campaign. He’s got no particular strategy for crossing over, even his fundraising right now is in states that he has no chance of winning. It’s New...

-Clarence Page


No, I hope he does not. I can’t think of a stupider thing to do than to launch a war to knock over Assad, after we’ve knocked over Saddam, knocked over the guy in the Afghanistan, knocked over the guy in Libya, opened up these garbage cans and all these crazy terrorists on earth. Do these State Department guys, have they though...

-Pat Buchanan


What we should do is do what like Cornyn is proposing in Congress, is to have a 72-hour waiting period, the Department of Justice gets notified if someone on the watch list buys it, but then a judge on probable cause has to approve it. Feinstein has a different level that would destroy due process rights, which is interesting based...

-Tom Rogan


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