Issues 11/21/14

The European Jewish Congress has a president, and his name is Moshe Kantor. He is quoted in Haaretz: Never at any time since the end of World War II has anti-Semitism so manifested itself on the continent of Europe....

-John McLaughlin


Republicans went and filed their lawsuit on Obamacare, and they'll probably try to piggyback this on as well. But this is going to be a major talking point in the Republican primaries, and there will be a show of hands. Will everyone take the vow to overturn the president's executive order? And maybe there's going to be one or two ...

-Eleanor Clift


What you saw there was an absolutely outrageous and horrible attack on people in prayer. A number of rabbis were killed as well. And this was just an absolute massacre of innocent people. And that has so dramatically escalated the tension between the Arab communities and the Jewish communities there that we're going to see a lot of...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


Barack Obama has said sort of repeatedly that he did not have the legal or the constitutional authority to issue what is an executive amnesty. He is behaving as a rogue president. Politically it may be a very clever move. He's dividing the Republicans, no doubt about it. He's sticking it into their face after their victory. He's s...

-Pat Buchanan


Here's another issue for Obamacare: My generation are paying a lot more. It is a very bad deal for my generation. But I accept, on the Republican side, this delusion that we somehow have amazing health care, even though we pay twice what any other country pays, and the doctors, to get a bit more people, send people off for unnecess...

-Tom Rogan


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