Issues 02/06/16

China’s economy is in for a hard landing. At Davos, George Soros said it is, quote, "almost inevitable", unquote. And he’s right on the money....

-John McLaughlin


What Joe Biden is doing, he got interested in cancer because his 46-year-old son was dying of cancer, and he talked to -- he had access to and talked to leading physicians and scientists around the country, and he realized they’re doing different things here and if they talk to each other, we could get along much quicker, perhaps...

-Eleanor Clift


There’s something very major going on in this country, that look, we were talking -- I mean, Trump got 5,000 people at Milford, New Hampshire. These mammoth crowds he’s got are incredible. And Cruz is part of this sort of revolution taking place against the capital and Bernie is a revolution against the Democratic establishment...

-Pat Buchanan


What’s so remarkable about Donald Trump is his ability with just a few tweets to just create the next 12 hours of what the campaign cycle is going to be all about. The second that I saw him do a little Twitter storm, attacking Ted Cruz for stealing the election, you knew that that was going to be the thing that the cable networks...

-Ryan Grim


You see that consolidation from people like -- supporters for Jeb Bush, Kasich, Christie, moving towards Rubio. And I suspect that Pat is right, that if in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio does well. and I think he’s expected to do well, I think there’s an outside chance he could even pull up a win there because of that big mo, momen...

-Tom Rogan


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