Issues 07/23/16

I predict, if he wins the presidency, Donald Trump will choose Chris Christie for his attorney general....

-John McLaughlin


The Republican Party just put out a platform that they, in the end, they took out a plank saying they’re opposed to preschool because it interferes with the family raising their children. So, I haven’t heard much from Donald Trump about all these women’s issues that she’s championing. It is such a con job, but you have a lo...

-Eleanor Clift


He's particularly popular with that demographic of people who feel both displaced and ignored, unlistened to. Folks like my Ohio home town where the steel mill is way down compared to where it used to be. All five paper mills are gone now. I mean, that de-industrialization. Folks don’t all understand, the one thing they do unders...

-Clarence Page


Putin clearly sees this, "They’re sticking it to me again," and I don’t think that’s going to help relationships between the United States and Putin and Russia. So, I would say, do not throw the whole team out of the Olympics....

-Pat Buchanan


They will do that ballistic missile, they will get that enrichment capacity, and then they will break out because the Chinese, the Russians and the Europeans will never come back. And the final point here is, the problem with the region is that it makes all those paranoid actors who are not good allies, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, obsesse...

-Tom Rogan


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