Issues 08/29/15

Well, without breaching Democratic protocol, what he can do is publicly lavish praise on Biden as a vice president. Privately let it be known to key insiders that he likes to see Biden win. Can he do it that way? Sure he could....

-John McLaughlin


I was in Israel several years ago and they were very proud of an Ethiopian-Jewish community. The difference now is they’re being overwhelmed, just as much of Europe is being overwhelmed, and the refugees in Israel now are coming from Sudan and Eritrea. They’re refugees really kind of trying to escape from wars. I think when we...

-Eleanor Clift


My theory is that he cares about -- President Obama cares about his legacy more than anything else, and whether Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden wins, that helps his legacy. Whereas if the party is divided and goes into the convention as a fractious Democratic Party that we used to know in the olden days, then that won’t be good for ...

-Clarence Page


Donald Trump, as we have heard, wants to stem the tide of immigration -- illegal immigration coming over our borders. And so -- Well, the problem is, too, that going back isn’t a great option for these folks. I mean, in Israel, Africa, parts of Africa now are so unstable. And so inhospitable of people that they’re -- you know, ...

-Susan Ferrechio


The big picture is that people have had way too much confidence in the ability of the Chinese government to run their economy. And what we’ve seen for the last couple of weeks is that when the going gets tough, actually, the Chinese government, they’re not magicians. They’re not wizards. They’re just as incompetent as every...

-David Rennie


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