Issues 09/12/14

I have to tell you the biggest thing we have to worry about - mission creep. It's impossible to predict where it goes....

-John McLaughlin


That surge of Central American kids left the impression that the border was porous and wasn't secure, when actually they were turning themselves in with their teddy bears to the border guards. Actually, the border is quite secure. But you can't argue that politically. And in six of the seven most competitive Senate races, they're u...

-Eleanor Clift


I have no problem with establishing some kind of relationship at this point with Assad of Syria. We need him at this stage of the game. But let's not for a second try and whitewash who this man is. He is not only a thug, but he is a thug of unbelievable proportions and he's killed an awful lot of people. That is generally not the p...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


Americans hate ISIS, but they are really skeptical of plunging into another war in the Middle East, I can tell you, and they're going to get more so. Obama was bounced into this thing by two videos. He called it, Syria, somebody else's civil war a couple of months ago. Now we're in the middle of it because of these two videos?...

-Pat Buchanan


Ultimately with the United Kingdom, the real issue is that Scotland's economy has long been suffering. It hasn't enacted the kind of reforms that you've seen in England, and even Wales to some degree, with post-Thatcher. And ultimately, with Scotland coming out of the United Kingdom, it's going to be very, very difficult for the g...

-Tom Rogan


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