Issues 04/17/15

Here’s a comment that deserves review: Institutionally, this is a milestone. Congress is reasserting itself in foreign policy, pushing back against Obama’s imperial presidency. This is a shift towards rebalancing the relative powers of Congress and the presidency...This is the sound of gridlock breaking. ...

-John McLaughlin


Jeb Bush would be the strongest candidate Republicans could put against her. But we’re 18 or 19 months away. Hillary Clinton is virtually certain to win the Democratic nomination, and I think unless the dynamics in the country change radically, she, if you look at the Electoral College, she’s also very likely to be our presiden...

-Eleanor Clift


Hillary is going to be an unusually focused candidate. She’s the first woman who’s going to be representing one of the major parties in a presidential election. That’s going to carry a lot of people to her side, including a lot of women, and that’s perfectly understandable. I don’t think she’s going to have to bear the...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


Putin’s getting tough with us because he believes that the United States and NATO have been treating Russia with outright contempt. We’ve been doing these color-coded revolutions. We’ve moved NATO onto his doorstep. And what he’s saying in every way he can in Ukraine is, look, if you push me in here, that is my red line. A...

-Pat Buchanan


Rubio has a good chance. And he was mentioned a few weeks ago and I wasn’t really sure at that point, but the dynamism that really defined his campaign announcement, his ability to speak to people from different cultural backgrounds – Spanish is the best example of that, but others – and the family. But mainly, the fact that ...

-Tom Rogan


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