Issues 04/30/16

Hold on, Pat. From the setting, to the teleprompter, to the substance, the speech conveyed gravitas. Trump declared an "America First" foreign policy that eschews -- that eschews, Pat eschews. You want help in that word? Eschews nation-building adventurism....

-John McLaughlin


I think the real story is the Republican Party coming to terms with Donald Trump as now the most likely nominee, and maybe they’re going to discover characteristics of him that they didn’t realize how much they loved him. I think that’s beginning. That non-aggression pact was basically a way for the super PACs to signal each ...

-Eleanor Clift


Actually, it’s already happening, Pat. I mean, transgender people are using bathroom of their choice right now. It is political people finding, this is kind of Willie Horton, this is a great issue to hold up in order to get people alarmed and excited over something that is not a danger....

-Clarence Page


The state has a perfect right to provide facilities to aid women, especially poor women who want to bring their children to term and to help them out, and they’ve got a right to say we don’t do, we’re not doing abortions with these state funds. I don’t know what the controversy is....

-Pat Buchanan


I just think you look at Texas to California. The exodus of wealth, it’s going to continue. Liberals are going to have to reap the whirlwind on this. I think -- maybe I’m wrong. But I will say one fundamental problem with the minimum wage as well is that low skill, the youngest and low skilled find it hard to access the marketp...

-Tom Rogan


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