Issues 12/19/14

He is going do it during the lame duck session of his last administration between November and January. ...

-John McLaughlin


The Afghan Taliban condemned the attack, as did other extremist groups. But it does call into question the Pakistani military, which is essentially the government, tries to distinguish between good extremist and bad extremist. And that may not be a viable policy going forward and I’ll bet the U.S.-sponsored drone attacks that g...

-Eleanor Clift


I’m going to quote something that Fidel Castro said to me. He said, we have excellent relation -- I asked him about his relationship with Russia. He says, "We have excellent relations, because we have practically none," he said. It’s like, he says -- I am quoting him now. "It's like a boyfriend that you break up with. You ...

-Mortimer Zuckerman


Nixon went to China and Mao continued with the madness of the cultural revolution and then the Chinese, what they did, they tried to open up, they brought in the investment, they bring in the capital, they bring all the manufacturing and everything, and try to maintain a police state dictatorship and they maintain their dictatorshi...

-Pat Buchanan


Sony absolutely did the wrong thing. I think this is a real tragedy at the level of this studio, in a nutshell. Could they have a corporate interest to protect people? But there is nothing as intrinsic as the right to free speech, and this disgusting regime -- because that’s what it is -- hundreds of thousands of political pri...

-Tom Rogan


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