Issues 10/03/15

Is this a sound tax reform plan or can you trump it?...

-John McLaughlin


Gun laws need to be tighter in this country. It is too easy for people to buy numbers of guns, straw purchasers passing them along, where they’re use for crimes. And to say that we can’t do anything, that the NRA is too strong, Congress can’t act, is to give Congress a pass on an issue that is critical to this country. And we...

-Eleanor Clift


Yes, a downside indeed. Where are all the Tea Party people who are so worried about the deficit, when his plan would raise the deficit of another $10 million -- excuse me, trillion dollars, trillion dollars, with a T, let us be clear about that. But he does count, he does call for one more repeal, and that’s the estate tax, which...

-Clarence Page


The peace process is dead, I think, John, and the question is, what comes next. I mean, the Palestinian -- Abbas didn’t go as far as he could have done, which was basically dissolve his Palestinian Authority and say, look, we lack power, you’re responsible for everything to the Israelis. I don’t think he wants to do that. But...

-Pat Buchanan


I went and look on the Chicago government Web site today, a city Web site, and in Mr. McDonald’s neighborhood in the last month, there had been three homicide, small neighborhood, three homicides, 15 burglaries, 10 robberies. So, as much as we can do things like challenging straw purchasers, perhaps making that a federal issue, b...

-Tom Rogan


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