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Web Exclusive

WEB ONLY! TMG 01/17/20
Guest Panelist: Alexander Heffner is host of The Open Mind on PBS
WEB ONLY! TMG 01/10/20
Guest Panelist: A.B. Stoddard is an Associate Editor and columnist at RealClearPolitcs.
WEB ONLY! TMG 12/27/19 & 01/03/20
Guest Panelist: Saagar Enjeti, White House correspondent, journalist, author and researcher, joins the Group for a look ahead at our predictions for 2020.
WEB ONLY! TMG 12/20/19
Guest Panelist: Seth Berenzweig (Founding and managing partner of Berenzweig Leonard ) joins the Group for a look back at 2019 with the 2019 Year End Awards.
WEB ONLY! TMG 12/13/19
Guest Panelist: Matt Mackowiak political and communications consultant and president of Potomac Strategy Group.
WEB ONLY! TMG 12/06/19
Guest Panelist: Siraj Hasmi, writer for the Washington Examiner and commentary video editor.
WEB ONLY! TMG 11/22/19
Guest Panelist: Ryan James Girdursky is a writer, political consultant and humorist.
WEB ONLY! TMG 11/15/19
Guest Panelist: Carrie Sheffield is a national editor for Accuracy in Media. 
WEB ONLY! TMG 11/08/19
Guest Panelist: Madeline Fry, commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.
WEB ONLY! TMG 11/01/19
Guest Panelist: Tiana Lowe, political commentator for Washington Examiner.