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Charlie Hebdo is right to republish Prophet Mohammed cartoon

Contributor: Tom Rogan

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday republished satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The editorial decision is designed to honor the loss of 12 innocents who were killed when two gunmen attacked the magazine's offices in January 2015.

Charlie Hebdo is republishing the cartoons now in order to mark the beginning of a Paris trial of 14 people charged with involvement in the January 2015 attack on the magazine and a Jewish supermarket. Those attacks, respectively carried out by members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and an ISIS-inspired attacker, shocked the world. Much as the November 2015 Paris attacks by ISIS were designed to destroy French civil society, the January 2015 attacks were designed to deter the intellectual centerpiece of any civil society: the freedom of speech. Salafi-Jihadists like the gunmen responsible for executing Charlie Hebdo's staff are not individuals inclined to compromise. They instead believe that life must exist in practiced subjugation to their exceptionally warped interpretation of Islam.

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