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Eleanor Clift: Trump’s Re-Election Plan: Replace Clarence Thomas With a Woman

Retirement rumors are swirling around Justices Thomas and Alito, with 48-year-old Amy Coney Barrett reportedly on the top of Trump’s list as a prospective replacement.

After 28 years, some conservatives think it’s time for Clarence Thomas to retire. He’s the longest-serving Supreme Court justice, and at age 72 remains young enough to enjoy what he loves to do, which is traveling the country anonymously in his RV with his wife, Virginia, and their two dogs.

A year ago, when rumors first surfaced that Thomas might be mulling retirement, he gave a very general Shermanesque statement to shut down the speculation. This time, crickets. That’s because this time it’s about more than Thomas and wanting to lock in another younger acolyte on the right.

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