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Iran threats extend Mike Pompeo's security detail post Trump administration

Contributor: Tom Rogan

Photo Credit: Mohammad Ali Dahaghin - Unsplash

Iranian threat concerns mean that Mike Pompeo's Diplomatic Security Service protective detail will be indefinitely extended after the Trump administration leaves office on Jan. 20.

As part of the omnibus spending bill passed on Monday, Congress appropriated up to $15 million for the protection. The legislation notes that the protection is authorized for former senior State Department officials that "the Secretary of State in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence, determines... face a serious and credible threat from a foreign power." Such protection extends for "an initial period of not more than 180 days, which may be extended for additional consecutive periods of 60 days." The behind-the-scenes expectation, however, is that Pompeo's protective detail will remain in place for a period of years, not months.

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