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Kennedy-Markey Race Is a Proxy War Pitting AOC Against Pelosi

Contributor: Eleanor Clift

Photo Credit: Joshua Sukoff - Unsplash

The race about nothing much has already drained $30 million although Kennedy has never quite managed to explain why he’s running to unseat a competent, progressive Democrat.

The Senate race in Massachusetts is blue on blue in a blue state so the seat will remain safely Democratic whatever the outcome in Tuesday’s primary. That’s little solace for Democrats torn apart by a race that forces them to choose between Joseph Kennedy III, a rising star in the party and heir to the storied Kennedy legacy, and incumbent Senator Ed Markey, a champion of progressive causes in the House and Senate for 47 years—longer than Kennedy, 39, has been alive. 

Kennedy has struggled to explain why he’s running, other than that he’s a Kennedy and would “leverage” the power of a Senate seat better than the current occupant. Markey, 74, has the backing of fellow progressives Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and is recognized as a leader on environmental issues. 

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