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McConnell’s Newest Judge Is Seriously ‘Not Qualified’—and Dangerous

Contributor: Eleanor Clift

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Photo Credit: Bill Oxford - Unsplash

Eight years after graduating law school, she just got approved for a lifetime appointment by a lame-duck Senate.

Attorney Kathryn Kimball Mizelle just landed a lifetime seat on the federal court at age 33. She’s a card-carrying member of the Federalist Society and the youngest of the already young Trump judges, a lady-in-waiting for a future Republican president to elevate.

One of five judicial nominees waved through by the lame duck Senate in a final vote before lawmakers left town for Thanksgiving, Mizelle’s confirmation is the most galling. The brazenness of prioritizing yet more judges while ignoring desperately needed COVID-19 economic relief was on display as Republicans voted in lockstep for Mizelle, the tenth Trump nominee to be rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association.

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