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Obama's Treasury secretary pays homage to communist China

Contributor: Tom Rogan

Photo Credit: Nick Fewings - Unsplash

Joe Biden claims that he's the candidate to hold China to account and put U.S. interests first. Just nine days prior to the election, not everyone in the Democratic Party appears to have gotten the memo.

Nor the memo, that is, that no patriotic official should be providing service, paid or voluntary, to the interests of communist China. Whatever one thinks of President Trump, the reality of Chinese President Xi Jinping's global strategy is now clear. The truth is that Xi seeks to replace the U.S.-led liberal international order with a feudal mercantile order of Beijing-led authoritarianism. It is a truth evinced by China's imperial seizure of the near entirety of the South China Sea. A truth evinced by China's concentration camp/genocide policy against innocent Uighur Muslims. A truth evinced by China's shredding of its treaty obligation to uphold Hong Kong democracy. A truth evinced by China's escalating threats to democratic Taiwan. A truth evinced by China's bad faith trade relations with impoverished nations across Africa. A truth evinced by China's climate change deception, fisheries piracy, and riverine pollution. A truth evinced by China's continuing (and utterly unapologetic) theft of intellectual property. A truth evinced by China's rising threats of war against the United States. Quite simply, it is a truth that only a clown like Xi could deny. Or, perhaps also President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden's former Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner.

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