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The GOP Smeared the First Female Veep Choice. Will History Repeat Itself?

Contributor: Eleanor Clift

“Reagan’s Cowboys,” as they called themselves, uncovered some mob history in Geraldine Ferraro’s family (with Roy Cohn’s help!). What are Trump’s cowboys up to?

Thirty-six years after Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman named to a major party ticket, we have a chance as a country to get it right, not just the outcome but the process itself. California Senator Kamala Harris is not a surprise out-of-the-box pick like Ferraro, a congresswoman from Queens. And there’s no expectation that it’s all on her—the way it was for Ferraro—to shake up the campaign and bring Joe Biden across the finish line.  

The former vice president is doing fine in the polls, thank you. Harris is an added benefit, not the Hail Mary pass Ferraro was when another former vice president, Walter Mondale, made her his running mate at a time when he trailed Ronald Reagan badly. 

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