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Tom Rogan

May 13, 2020

Does China's cover-up have any limits?

Will China's efforts to cover up the origins of the coronavirus ever stop?

I ask that question in light of the Wall Street Journal reporting Wednesday of China's effort to shield Wuhan food markets from international scientific scrutiny.

As the article notes, China is concealing and obstructing any effective investigation of the very thing it originally said allowed the virus to take hold: wet markets. While this impulse toward control over the truth is a natural one for the Chinese Communist Party, it doesn't make much sense in this case. After all, it makes more difficult the necessary learning that might prevent a similar outbreak in the future. And it only fosters the perception that Beijing has something to hide.

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Pat Buchanan

May 12, 2020

Coexistence with China or Cold War II?

On China, Trump is the first realist we have had in the Oval Office in decades. But both parties colluded in the buildup of China… The mighty malevolent China we face today was made in the USA.

Under fire for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump, his campaign and his party are moving to lay blame for the 80,000 U.S. dead at the feet of the Communist Party of China and, by extension, its longtime General Secretary, President Xi Jinping.

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Eleanor Clift

May 8, 2020

Susan Collins, Joni Ernst and Martha McSally Defend Obamacare as They Vote for Judges Who Will Kill It

“There should be consequences for these senators who through their votes put on the bench judges that will roll back protections that they tell their constituents they care about.”

Defying public-health guidelines and putting senators at risk to elevate a favorite judge to the second highest court in the land, Mitch McConnell behaves like a man who knows his time is running out. He’s already filled some 200 federal judgeships with young, Federalist Society approved conservatives poised to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

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Clarence Page

May 4, 2020

Column: Did Trump’s view of the coronavirus change after he learned who was getting sick?

Did President Donald Trump care a bit less about the coronavirus pandemic after he found out who was getting sick?

By that I mean groups that conspicuously endure the worst impact of the pandemic: working-class folks who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to work from home, particularly African Americans and Hispanics who have been hit harder by COVID-19 than other racial groups.

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