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Tom Rogan

September 2, 2020

Charlie Hebdo is right to republish Prophet Mohammed cartoon

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday republished satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The editorial decision is designed to honor the loss of 12 innocents who were killed when two gunmen attacked the magazine's offices in January 2015.

Charlie Hebdo is republishing the cartoons now in order to mark the beginning of a Paris trial of 14 people charged with involvement in the January 2015 attack on the magazine and a Jewish supermarket. Those attacks, respectively carried out by members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and an ISIS-inspired attacker, shocked the world. Much as the November 2015 Paris attacks by ISIS were designed to destroy French civil society, the January 2015 attacks were designed to deter the intellectual centerpiece of any civil society: the freedom of speech. Salafi-Jihadists like the gunmen responsible for executing Charlie Hebdo's staff are not individuals inclined to compromise. They instead believe that life must exist in practiced subjugation to their exceptionally warped interpretation of Islam.

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Pat Buchanan

August 31, 2020

Where Will All These War Games Lead?

Potential collisions between the U.S., Russia or China are not even back-burner issues this election year. Meanwhile, we are consumed by the coronavirus, the crashed economy, racial divisions and riots that have ripped apart cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Kenosha since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd.

In northeast Syria last week, a U.S. military vehicle collided with a Russian armored vehicle, injuring four American soldiers.

Both the Americans and Russians blame each other for failing to follow established rules of the road. Had an American been killed, we could have had a crisis on our hands.

Query: With the ISIS caliphate dead and buried, why are 500 U.S. troops still in Syria a year after Donald Trump said we would be pulling them out? What are they doing there to justify risking a clash with Russian troops who are in Syria as the invited allies of the Damascus regime of Bashar Assad, whether we approve of his regime or not?

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Eleanor Clift

August 31, 2020

Kennedy-Markey Race Is a Proxy War Pitting AOC Against Pelosi

The race about nothing much has already drained $30 million although Kennedy has never quite managed to explain why he’s running to unseat a competent, progressive Democrat.

The Senate race in Massachusetts is blue on blue in a blue state so the seat will remain safely Democratic whatever the outcome in Tuesday’s primary. That’s little solace for Democrats torn apart by a race that forces them to choose between Joseph Kennedy III, a rising star in the party and heir to the storied Kennedy legacy, and incumbent Senator Ed Markey, a champion of progressive causes in the House and Senate for 47 years—longer than Kennedy, 39, has been alive. 

Kennedy has struggled to explain why he’s running, other than that he’s a Kennedy and would “leverage” the power of a Senate seat better than the current occupant. Markey, 74, has the backing of fellow progressives Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and is recognized as a leader on environmental issues. 

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Clarence Page

September 1, 2020

Joe Biden’s familiar straight talk faces Donald Trump’s doublespeak

He’s alive!

After watching his widely praised speech at the socially distanced Democratic National Convention, I wondered when Joe Biden would come out of his basement again, even if it was only to give a little balance to the whoppers pouring out of the White House.

If the political rise of President Donald Trump has taught us anything, it is the importance of a candidate expressing his or her beliefs with a passion and commitment that says they’re speaking on voters’ behalf.

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