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Tom Rogan

September 9, 2020

The rising risk of conflict between China and India

Tensions between China and India continue to boil over along the two nations' contested "line of control" border. Conflict between the nuclear powers is an increasing possibility.

Given the enveloping concerns over national pride, territorial interest, and leadership credibility, the ingredients for escalation are abundant. The conflict threatened to boil over back in June, when more than a dozen Indian soldiers were killed in a melee with their Chinese counterparts. Diplomats have sought to cool tensions since then, but they have not been successful.

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Pat Buchanan

September 4, 2020

Why DC Statehood Is a Suicidal Gamble

On Tuesday, the mayor’s office made national news by releasing a list of monuments and memorials in Washington that should be “removed, replaced or contextualized.” Among them are the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and Columbus’ statue at Union Station… D.C. is unrepresentative of America and undeserving in any way to be raised to statehood.

When U.S. cities erupted after the death of George Floyd, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was in the vanguard of the protests, renaming a section of downtown Black Lives Matter Plaza, and painting the name in letters on the street so huge they could be seen from space.

Thursday, however, Bowser awoke to those same BLM protesters yelling outside her home, denouncing a “D.C. police murder of a Black Man,” and demanding the mayor fire Police Chief Peter Newsham.

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Eleanor Clift

September 5, 2020

Don’t Write Off Biden on the Economy Just Yet

Trump’s only advantage has been on the economy, but there are signs that’s changing. And people think Biden cares about them.

Polls show voters have more confidence in Joe Biden than Donald Trump on every key issue except the economy, where the president’s strength has Democrats worried that Biden could be falling into the same trap as Hillary Clinton by not running robustly enough on jobs.

The Democratic convention’s focus on social justice issues deepened concerns among nervous Dems that history might repeat itself with another searing loss as the GOP hammered home its message of law and order. You’d think Biden was down eight points, not up.

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Clarence Page

September 8, 2020

If Trump’s military support slips too much, he’ll be the ‘loser’

In response to credible reports that President Donald Trump has derided fallen U.S. soldiers as “losers” and “suckers,” the least I could do in protest was to change my Twitter photo.

And so I did. Gone is my currently aging face, replaced by the much younger me, dressed up in my Class A U.S. Army uniform for graduation from basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in early 1970.

I am following the recommendation of a much younger Army vet, David Weissman, a Palm Bay, Florida, resident who served two tours in Afghanistan as an assistant chaplain.

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