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Tom Rogan

September 16, 2020

China betrays India border commitment

In a characteristic display of Chinese Communist Party duplicity, the People's Liberation Army is utterly ignoring commitments made to India by China's foreign minister on September 10.

Yes, commitments made publicly just six days ago. Designed to reduce rising tensions along the India-China line-of-control border area, the two nations' foreign ministers met in Moscow. Following discussions, each agreed to military pull-backs from aggressive patrols. The announcement was welcomed as a sign that the nuclear powers might suspend a seemingly unstoppable spiral towards war.

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Pat Buchanan

September 15, 2020

Are the Forever Wars Really Ending?

Clearly, with the cuts in troops in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the appointments of Ruger and Macgregor, Trump has signaled a new resolve to reconfigure U.S. foreign policy in an “America First” direction, if he wins a second term.

“There is no… sound reason for the United States to continue sacrificing precious lives and treasure in a conflict not directly connected to our safety or other vital national interests.”

So said William Ruger about Afghanistan, our longest war.

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Eleanor Clift

September 5, 2020

Don’t Write Off Biden on the Economy Just Yet

Trump’s only advantage has been on the economy, but there are signs that’s changing. And people think Biden cares about them.

Polls show voters have more confidence in Joe Biden than Donald Trump on every key issue except the economy, where the president’s strength has Democrats worried that Biden could be falling into the same trap as Hillary Clinton by not running robustly enough on jobs.

The Democratic convention’s focus on social justice issues deepened concerns among nervous Dems that history might repeat itself with another searing loss as the GOP hammered home its message of law and order. You’d think Biden was down eight points, not up.

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Clarence Page

September 15, 2020

Why I wince when I hear the words ‘white privilege’

Asking President Donald Trump how he feels about “white privilege” is sort of like asking a young fish how it feels about water.

As the late author David Foster Wallace tells the fable in an unusually famous commencement address, the young fish doesn’t know what water is. He’s way too close to the subject.

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