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Tom Rogan

September 29, 2020

Russia invents CIA plot to kill Catholics and destabilize Belarus

The Russian intelligence services are renowned for their imaginative creation of fake news.

Evincing as much, the head of Russia's SVR foreign intelligence service on Tuesday suggested that the CIA is attempting to create a new provocation related to Belarus. The CIA's intent, he said, is to see fellow Catholics inflamed to take to the streets in opposition to Alexander Lukashenko's despotic rule.

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Pat Buchanan

September 28, 2020

Will Justice Amy Star in ‘The Five’?

America’s court wars, in which the coming battle over Barrett’s nomination may prove decisive, go back half a century.

By nominating Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Donald Trump kept his word, and more than that.

Should she be confirmed, he will have made history.

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Eleanor Clift

September 28, 2020

Biden’s Job Tuesday Night: Just Don’t Screw It Up

Joe Biden doesn’t exactly have to win the first debate. He just needs to avoid disaster. And say “200,000” a lot.

After shadow boxing for months, taking jabs and lobbing insults, Donald Trump will meet his challenger in a socially distanced way Tuesday evening for the first of three debates. The bar is high for Trump in the age of COVID. Can he con the country into wanting the chaos he generates for four more years when there are 200,000 Americans dead from the virus on his watch?

Will the rally-loving president be able to perform in an almost empty debate hall without an audience of admirers chanting “fill that seat”?

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Clarence Page

September 29, 2020

What happens to Trumpism after Trump? Auditions are underway.

As a liberal about most political matters, I am not delighted that President Donald Trump’s nomination of conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett may be his most durable legacy.

But like the rapidly approaching Election Day, it gives new energy to an old question: After Trump, what happens to “Trumpism?”

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