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Tom Rogan

October 25, 2020

Obama's Treasury secretary pays homage to communist China

Joe Biden claims that he's the candidate to hold China to account and put U.S. interests first. Just nine days prior to the election, not everyone in the Democratic Party appears to have gotten the memo.

Nor the memo, that is, that no patriotic official should be providing service, paid or voluntary, to the interests of communist China. Whatever one thinks of President Trump, the reality of Chinese President Xi Jinping's global strategy is now clear. The truth is that Xi seeks to replace the U.S.-led liberal international order with a feudal mercantile order of Beijing-led authoritarianism. It is a truth evinced by China's imperial seizure of the near entirety of the South China Sea. A truth evinced by China's concentration camp/genocide policy against innocent Uighur Muslims. A truth evinced by China's shredding of its treaty obligation to uphold Hong Kong democracy. A truth evinced by China's escalating threats to democratic Taiwan. A truth evinced by China's bad faith trade relations with impoverished nations across Africa. A truth evinced by China's climate change deception, fisheries piracy, and riverine pollution. A truth evinced by China's continuing (and utterly unapologetic) theft of intellectual property. A truth evinced by China's rising threats of war against the United States. Quite simply, it is a truth that only a clown like Xi could deny. Or, perhaps also President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden's former Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner.

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Pat Buchanan

October 27, 2020

A Biden Family Special Prosecutor in 2021?

Major media are either denouncing the allegations as unproven or ignoring the story, the motive for which is apparent. Journalistic duty be damned. We have to get rid of Trump. And anything that jeopardizes that highest of goals should be buried until after Election Day.

If Joe Biden loses on Nov. 3, public interest in whether his son Hunter exploited the family name to rake in millions of dollars from foreign donors will likely fade away.

It will not matter, and no one will care.

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Eleanor Clift

October 28, 2020

Most Democrats are Scared to Say So, but Joe Biden Is Poised for a Landslide Win

Four years ago, Democrats were in denial about their Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses. Now, they’re afraid to acknowledge Biden’s strengths.

All signs point to a Biden win, even a landslide.

The former vice president has an 8-point lead nationally and a significant edge in most battleground states. He campaigned in Georgia on Tuesday, reaching for victory in a red state that hasn’t been competitive for decades while President Trump is running around the country pretending it’s 2016 all over again.

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Clarence Page

October 27, 2020

Don’t let politics come between friends

As an old feminist movement slogan goes, “the personal is political.” Unfortunately, in today’s polarized atmosphere you may not know politics are getting too personal until it’s too late.

A couple of years ago, we saw the Thanksgiving effect. After the 2016 presidential election, according to a study published in Science magazine, the length of the average Thanksgiving dinner was 30 to 50 minutes shorter for Americans who crossed partisan lines to get to their family celebration compared with those who traveled to areas that voted like their own.

I call it the Grumpy Uncle effect, although I also have found more than a few Grumpy Aunts as well. Just about every family seems to have at least one grump whose politics differ from everybody else’s around the table, and the rancor seems to have become more heated in the Trump era. Read More


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