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Tom Rogan

November 4, 2020

US sells Taiwan a drone, a curveball for China

Approving a $600 million sale of MQ-9B drones to Taiwan, the Trump administration this week threw another curveball in the path of a possible Chinese invasion of the island nation.

These drones, compatible with an array of missile and sensor systems, will help the Taiwanese military to detect, deter, and defeat encroaching Chinese forces. A particular utility of the drones is that they would allow Taiwan to monitor an encroaching Chinese fleet or invasion beachhead without excessive risk to aircrews. This is an important concern in light of the People's Liberation Army navy's impressive air defense systems. The drones could also be deployed to carry out what otherwise might be considered suicide runs against PLA command nodes.

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Pat Buchanan

November 3, 2020

Can a Disintegrating America Come Together?

Today, we are divided over ideology, morality, culture, race and history. We are divided over whether America is the great nation we were raised to revere and love or a nation born in great sins and crimes…

On the last days of the 2020 campaign, President Donald Trump was holding four and five rallies a day in battleground states, drawing thousands upon thousands of loyalists to every one.

Waiting for hours, sometimes in the cold, to cheer their champion on, these rallygoers love Trump as few presidents have been loved. This writer cannot recall a president and campaign that brought out so many and such massive crowds of admirers in its closing days.

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Eleanor Clift

October 23, 2020

Justice Barrett Will Declare Open Season on Gun Control Laws

Phony fears about Democrats are already leading to a pre-election spike in gun sales. And now the Supreme Court is poised to strike down the insufficient gun laws we already have.

All signs point to a Biden win, even a landslide.

Is there a right to carry a weapon into the Michigan State House? Trump supporters think there is, and the president is recruiting an army of poll watchers, potentially armed to stand guard over his interests on Election Day.

Expanding gun rights is not just a theoretical exercise, it’s happening. And with Amy Coney Barrett like to soon sit on the Supreme Court, the welcome mat is out for gun rights activists to test the limits of what might be possible in a gun-friendly 6-3 Supreme Court.

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Clarence Page

November 3, 2020

Dick Durbin’s victory could lead to a promotion

In a victory that was only slightly more hard-won than it was expected to be, which wasn’t much, Illinois voters have granted Sen. Dick Durbin his fifth consecutive term in the U.S. Senate.

According to projections by The Associated Press, Durbin fended off four long-shot candidates in a race that provided more of an amusement than a contest.

His strongest challenger was former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, a former Democrat turned Republican, who put up a vigorous but not victorious fight as “truly an independent.” An opponent of abortion and supporter of immigration rights, he failed to gain much traction with his outspoken rejection of state restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. Read More


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