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Tom Rogan

June 2, 2020

Inside the protest terror threat concern

Amid the George Floyd protests, the top counterterrorism concern is not antifa's rioting. It is the threat of an inspired or group-directed individual conducting a mass casualty attack on protesters or the police.

Because of the saturated media coverage, the dense crowds, and the symbolic locations that define the Floyd protests, they pose a special terrorist threat concern beyond their political quality. We should bear this in mind before fixating on antifa.

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Pat Buchanan

June 1, 2020

Assaulted and Vilified, the Cops Save the Cities

Query: How does “systemic racism” permeate a blue state dominated for decades by liberal Democrats? What explains the failure of Democrats who have long run Minnesota to root out racism?

On the fifth night of rioting, looting and arson in Minneapolis, the criminal elements were driven from the streets.

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Eleanor Clift

June 3, 2020

America Has Been Waiting 50 Years for Police Accountability. It’s Time.

Cory Booker was a law and order mayor. Now he’s trying to crack down on the cops, pushing tough police accountability measures through Congress.

Choosing to live in a crime-stressed neighborhood in Newark, the city New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker once led as mayor, gives him a perspective that America sorely needs at this time. As rioters and looters turned peaceful protests into nights of chaos and violence, Booker tweeted, “My team right now is drafting legislation to achieve better transparency and accountability into police misconduct in this country. We know what we need to do—now we need to manifest a collective will to get it done.” 

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Clarence Page

June 2, 2020

Column: Where do we go from here? Martin Luther King Jr.’s old question endures

As President Donald Trump described himself in the White House Rose Garden as “an ally of all peaceful protesters,” reporters could hear the awful sound of peaceful protesters being cleared from Lafayette Park with tear gas, flash-bangs and rubber bullets.

After a day of peaceful protests Monday, the park directly across the street from the north side of the White House was being cleared so the president could be photographed walking through the park to historic St. John’s Church, which had been damaged by a small fire Sunday night after peaceful protests were displaced by vandals and looters.

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