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Tom Rogan

December 23, 2020

Iran threats extend Mike Pompeo's security detail post Trump administration

Iranian threat concerns mean that Mike Pompeo's Diplomatic Security Service protective detail will be indefinitely extended after the Trump administration leaves office on Jan. 20.

As part of the omnibus spending bill passed on Monday, Congress appropriated up to $15 million for the protection. The legislation notes that the protection is authorized for former senior State Department officials that "the Secretary of State in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence, determines ... face a serious and credible threat from a foreign power." Such protection extends for "an initial period of not more than 180 days, which may be extended for additional consecutive periods of 60 days." The behind-the-scenes expectation, however, is that Pompeo's protective detail will remain in place for a period of years, not months.

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Pat Buchanan

December 22, 2020

Can Democracy Hold Us Together?

In announcing the $900 billion stimulus bill to deal with the pandemic, Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not mention that the gifts for her distressed countrymen and women at Christmas would have been twice as large had she taken President Trump’s offer of $1.8 trillion in October…Rather than let Donald Trump take credit, Pelosi stiffed millions of Americans.

If America were a company and not a country, we would have long ago dissolved the corporation, split the blanket, and gone our separate ways.

What still holds this disputatious and divided people together?

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Eleanor Clift

December 18, 2020

This California Representative Survived Jonestown and Says Trumpers Have Definitely Drunk the Kool Aid

A few years ago, Jackie Speier resisted comparisons between Jim Jones and Donald Trump. But now, she sees them clearly.

Jackie Speier was a legislative counsel working for a California congressman when she was left for dead on an airport runway in Guyana, South America, in 1978. She was investigating Jim Jones, a charismatic religious leader whose Peoples Temple had come under scrutiny from parents alarmed at his hold over their young adult children.

Speier was shot five times by Jones loyalists and played dead in order to survive. Her boss, Rep. Leo Ryan, was killed, together with two members of an NBC crew following the story and countless others attempting to leave, including several defectors. That was only part of the massacre. Back at the commune Jones had established, 909 of his ardent followers followed him in a murder-suicide pact, downing a cyanide-infused flavored drink, an act of true believership that has since become known as “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

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Clarence Page

December 22, 2020

’Twas the night before Blursday

With understandable apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, here’s my update on his “A Visit from St. Nicholas” for this pandemic Christmas season:

On the night before Christmas in our little house,

The only sound stirring was the click of a mouse.

With me on PC and Mom on her Mac,

We had many kin and friends of whom to keep track. Read More