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Tom Rogan

June 17, 2020

If Georgia assassination plot is corroborated, US should secondary sanction Ramzan Kadyrov

If Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov ordered the assassination of a Georgian journalist, the United States should impose secondary sanctions on entities that do business with Kadyrov.

As a first step, the U.S. government should reach out to Ukraine's SBU intelligence service. After all, the Republic of Georgia on Friday detained a Russian citizen on suspicion he was plotting to kill a Georgian journalist, Giorgi Gabunia. The Georgian security service says that a suspect initialed "VB" was arrested on suspicion of "preparation of murder by contract." Reports suggest the suspect is named Vasambeg Bokov and that Ukraine's SBU security service warned its Georgian counterpart that Kadyrov had ordered Bokov to assassinate Gabunia.

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Pat Buchanan

June 15, 2020

Cancel the White Men — And What’s Left?

Liberals will fight for the right of Marxist radicals to burn the American flag to show their hatred of it but cannot tolerate working folks flying the battle flag of the Confederacy to show their love of it.

“Can we all just get along?”

That was the plea of Rodney King after a Simi Valley jury failed to convict any of the four cops who beat him into submission after a 100-mile-an-hour chase on an LA freeway.

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Eleanor Clift

June 17, 2020

Donald Trump Wants You to Go Shoot a Bear

With luck, we’re hurtling toward the end of the Trump era. But that means he’s rushing to overturn Obama-era rules that banned, wait for it, “extreme hunting.”

Making the most of what could be his final months in office, President Trump is overturning Obama-era rules that banned extreme hunting methods on public lands in Alaska, like luring bears with doughnuts doused in bacon grease, or using artificial light to lure bear moms and their cubs out of hibernation to shoot them.

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Clarence Page

June 16, 2020

The Supreme Court surprises us with fairness in LGBTQ decision, but will it last?

What a relief. Monday’s Supreme Court decision that protects Americans from being fired because of sexual orientation actually turned out to be fair. Even better, I agreed with it.

Advocates for gay and lesbian rights, among other liberal activists, warned that President Donald Trump’s election would lead to conservative judges and rollbacks in such landmark victories as the high court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in 2015 under President Barack Obama.

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