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Tom Rogan

June 23, 2020

Inside the 'silent service': An interview with the Navy's top submarine admiral

The Navy's submarine force remains the world's most technically and professionally capable undersea combat force. With an impressive penchant for aggressive but calculated risk-taking, U.S. submarine crews deter threats, collect vital intelligence, and stand ready to defeat adversaries.

The top line officer responsible for this "silent service" is Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander of submarine forces. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for the Washington Examiner.

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Pat Buchanan

June 23, 2020

How Long Will the Vandals Run Amok?

We erect statues to remember, revere and honor those whom we memorialize. And what is the motivation of the people who tear them down and desecrate them? In a word, it is hate… But hating history and denying history and tearing down the statues of the men who made that history does not change history.

The left’s war on America’s past crossed several new frontiers last week.

Portland’s statue of George Washington, the Father of his Country and the first president of the United States, the greatest man of his age, was toppled and desecrated.

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Eleanor Clift

June 13, 2020

Thom Tillis Went Full Trump. Now He’s D.C.’s Most Vulnerable Republican

He’s perhaps best known for getting lots of money from big pharma, big oil, big banks, and payday lenders, and for pushing their preferred policies.

Republican Senator Thom Tillis is a loud voice in committee hearings, pushing the Obamagate conspiracy and reading aloud the dictionary definitions of “witch hunt” and “hoax.” 

But that’s not what he talks about at home in North Carolina, running for re-election. His first television ad has him walking through a trailer park recalling his humble roots (the spot is titled “Humble”) and pledging to be a fighter for workers, protecting their jobs as the economy recovers.

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Clarence Page

June 23, 2020

Chicago can ‘partner’ with its police, with their help

Even before the carnage-infested Father’s Day weekend was finished, the predictable emails from readers began to flow in.

“Where’s Black Lives Matter now?” they asked in so many words.

The surge was predictable. At least 106 people were shot in Chicago, 14 of them fatally, over the Father’s Day weekend, the highest number of shootings in one weekend since at least 2012, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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