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Tom Rogan

July 1, 2020

Congress must get anti-money-laundering amendment into defense bill

The Navy's submarine force remains the world's most technically and professionally capable undersea combat force. With an impressive penchant for aggressive but calculated risk-taking, U.S. submarine crews deter threats, collect vital intelligence, and stand ready to defeat adversaries.

The top line officer responsible for this "silent service" is Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander of submarine forces. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for the Washington Examiner.

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Pat Buchanan

June 29, 2020

Now It’s Woodrow Wilson’s Turn

Wilson’s support of segregation was a matter of record in his own time and is a subject about which every biographer and historian of that period has been aware. When did Princeton discover that this Southern-born president, the most famous son in the school’s history, like so many of his presidential predecessors, did not believe in integration?

Now that statues of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant and Theodore Roosevelt have been desecrated, vandalized, toppled and smashed, it appears Woodrow Wilson’s time has come.

The cultural revolution has come to the Ivy League.

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Eleanor Clift

June 27, 2020

A Major GOP Nightmare Moves a Step Closer to Reality

The House will vote today to grant D.C. statehood. The Senate won’t, of course, but the long-overdue day is coming.

Legislation to make the District of Columbia a state is poised to pass the House on Friday, a major advance from the last time the measure came before Congress 27 years ago and 40 percent of Democrats joined with all but one Republican to defeat D.C. statehood. 

After decades of benign neglect, the movement to make D.C. the 51st state has gained new life with Black Lives Matter and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s heightened profile. President Trump’s efforts to use federal force to dominate streets around the White House exposed the subservient status of a city that must answer to Congress for how it spends money while its 706,000 residents are without full voting representation in the House or Senate. 

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Clarence Page

June 30, 2020

Does President Trump still want to win? Where’s the mojo?

Well, does President Donald Trump approve of what news media are calling the “white power video,” or doesn’t he?

That burning question arose after the president retweeted a video over the weekend showing a few residents of The Villages, a huge central Florida retirement community, jeering at a parade of Trump supporters in golf carts.

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