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Tom Rogan

July 7, 2020

Report shows how Russia deliberately destroyed a Syrian hospital

A new United Nations report documents how the Russian air force deliberately destroyed a hospital in Idlib governorate, Syria. Released on Tuesday, the report rightly identifies this and similar actions as "war crimes."

There's nothing particularly new about the news that Russia has been deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure in Syria. In support of Bashar Assad's dictatorship, Vladimir Putin's forces have repeatedly targeted civilians. Destroying hospitals in Idlib is a particularly favored pastime of the Russian air force. This is no accident. The targeting is designed to maximize civilian suffering so as to pressure those fighting Assad to surrender. Moscow also sees these war crimes as useful in pressuring the international community to support a negotiated cease-fire to the Syrian civil war that is favorable to Russia.

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Pat Buchanan

July 7, 2020

A Culture War Battle Trump Can Win

Where was Biden when Trump was standing up for America on Independence Day? As his Party tweeted that Trump’s trip to Mount Rushmore was aimed at “glorifying white supremacy,” Biden was wailing about the need “to rip the roots of systemic racism” out of America.

Speaking at Mount Rushmore on Friday, and from the White House lawn on Saturday, July 4, Donald Trump recast the presidential race.

He seized upon an issue that can turn his fortunes around, and the wounded howls of the media testify to the power of his message.

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Eleanor Clift

July 8, 2020

Red State Voters Want Obamacare. Why Are Republicans Trying to Kill It?

Oklahoma voters just passed Medicaid expansion. And soon, Missouri may be next. Gee, you’d almost think they care more about health care than ideology.

Oklahoma is one of the reddest states in the country, yet it just voted for Medicaid expansion, a key element of Obamacare. Government may be broken, but democracy is making itself heard.

In just under 90 days, 313,000 Oklahomans, twice the number needed, signed petitions to gain a place on the ballot to approve extending health care through Medicaid to more than 200,000 low-income Oklahomans. It passed by a whisker—with 50.5 percent support.

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Clarence Page

July 7, 2020

Trump’s new culture war sounds a lot like his old one

President Donald Trump likes to call himself a fighter. That’s true, although he tends to show it by taking on easy targets, whether he needs to or not.

For example, on Monday after the Fourth of July weekend — as surging COVID-19 cases began to pack hospitals across the country, especially in Texas, California and Florida — the president tapped out a long tweet against … Bubba Wallace.

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