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The Woman Who Did Everything Else for the Woman Who Did It All

Contributor: Eleanor Clift

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Photo Credit: Claire Anderson - Unsplash

“She told me that her cases got her through surgery, and chemo, that she would lie on the table thinking about the cases.”

Her name is Bronwen Adams but everybody calls her Bronnie and for the last 40 years she was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s interior decorator and all-round go-to person. A mutual friend told me Bronnie had some stories to share about RBG that those who only know her as an icon would get a kick out of.

Spoiler alert, there’s nothing here that will make you like Ginsburg less, or reveal a private self that she’d kept hidden. Everything Bronnie revealed in our phone conversation strikes me as totally in character with the woman who late in life achieved rap star status, and who is being mourned by millions.

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