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Trump should wake up to China's despicable attack on Australia

Contributor: Tom Rogan

Photo Credit: Joey Csunyo - Unsplash

Doubling down on their pressure strategy against Australia, one of China's top diplomats has tweeted a fake news image of an Australian soldier beheading an Afghan child.

It's just the latest attack by Beijing on America's closest Indo-Pacific ally. Furious that Canberra has chosen to stand with the United States and the rule of international law in the Indo-Pacific, China is now waging a diplomatic and economic onslaught against Australia. As of this publication, the tweet remains pinned on Zhao Lijian's page.

China's top "wolf warrior" diplomat, Zhao, is a foreign ministry spokesman and a truly fanatical servant of his dystopian regime. In a pathetic example of its censorship double standards, however, Twitter seems to have no problem with this despicable Chinese Communist Party propaganda. Chinese Communists are using this image to exploit an ongoing scandal over the conduct of Australian special operations forces in Afghanistan. But while the concerns raised against some of those forces are serious, the vast majority have served honorably in Afghanistan, we shouldn't lose sight of the absurd hypocrisy in Zhao's tweet.

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