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Will Biden see the Saudis and UAE turn to China and Russia?

Contributor: Tom Rogan

Photo Credit: Girogio Parravicini - Unsplash

Will President Joe Biden see America's Middle Eastern allies moving closer to China and Russia?

It's very likely.

The Trump administration has successfully kept U.S. allies moving away from Beijing in return for their access to greater U.S. support. Speaking to the Jerusalem Post, Assistant Secretary of State R. Clarke Cooper recently suggested that the sale of F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates would require its greater skepticism of China in return. "When the U.S. works with partners who are now seeking to be closer to Israel in civilian, defense, and security spaces," Cooper said, "[it] will require those partners to take greater [caution] with technological security. With the greater joint efforts with the U.S., Israel, and signatories to the Abraham Accords, we want to make sure economic opportunities are just that and not additional risks."

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